Protection from evil eye

This powerful magical stone in pendant form in silver  will very powerful to keep you protected from all sort of evil eye and make your life easy .It very powerful .It give you protection from accidents , sudden set back , troubles and helpyou to overcome difficulties . just wear it around your neck or kept it in pocket

Price: $110.00

Raksha Kavach

Raksha kavach is very powerful kavach for protection and for removing all evil effects and negativity . it give total protection from all sort of black magic , we make this kavach or amulets by doing very powerful rituals . Just have it and you will feel the difference in your life .It is fully energised with special mantra of  batuk bhairav and goddess durga for to remove all sort of trouble and give protection from sudden setback

Price: $121.00

Baglamukhi kavach

It is one of the most unique and powerful Kavach designed to protect a person from enemies and destroy all opposition. This Kavach amulet is especially effective for success in legal disputes. Some special days are designated for energizing this yantra which are Holi, Diwali and eclipses. Special ink and pen are also used to prepare the yantra on bhojpatra. This holi we are preparing this kavach / amulet which can give you success against any opposition. It should be worn in gold or yellow piece of cloth, which will automatically subdue the opposition. It also remove any type of psychic attack and black magic. Special japa , yagna perform to give power to kavach in very special and auspicious time .

Price: $121.00

Magical amulets

This magical pendant works automatically and give wearer all sort of comforts to wearer life , it can be kept in pocket or purse or wear as pendant beautifully designed It create the magical aura around the wearer and give all sort of protection from evil and negative energies and sudden setbacks . It creates positive energies around the wearer and holy soul , spirit may contact the wearer and help him or her for acquiring wealth and give extra protection It also give attraction power to wearer and every person come in contact get attracted to wearer and help to fulfill dreams .This product may be different from picture as per availibility .

Price: $110.00

Gambling talisman stone

This gambling talisman stone is very powerful to enhance you luck power in winning lottery or to win in any sort of gambling ,horse racing ,or any sort of speculation business . this is very rare found stone and 100% natural and we energised and activated its power for its full effect .This talisman have power to change human fate and luck.This talisman stone also help to gain money from different sources .This will come as pendant same as shown in picture.

Price: $280.00