The very rare plant fossils which take natural shape in certain plant or tree or in it roots called seed of mother earth .This fossils have very strong energies earth goddess of wealth .The existence fo this very rare fossils was know by the powerful shamans or saints spiritually living in particular region and then with great dififculties and ritual they acquired it .They have to win the favour of the local regional spirit and then they guide them where this fossils located in which plant and then they acquired it .This is natural powerful talisman hold various types of super natural power and it need great luck to have it and just only seing it physically many bad things vanished from human life This natural plant fossils has been blessed by many dev ,gods and goddesses . this fossils have their spritual purpose and mission shared with their future guardian , We are very greatful to God that they have choosen us to their temporary guardian until the one destined to have it come along and we handover to this magical thing to them .

This mundi fossils help as foolws :-

Attracts luck; improves business/sales; improves social life; prosperity; wealth; increases charisma, personal magnetism, and authoritative bearing; wards-off negative energies, black magick, and psychic attacks; wards-off negative spirits; source of raw magickal energies; general protection;

Price: $1.999.00