Baglamukhi kavach

It is one of the most unique and powerful Kavach designed to protect a person from enemies and destroy all opposition. This Kavach amulet is especially effective for success in legal disputes. Some special days are designated for energizing this yantra which are Holi, Diwali and eclipses. Special ink and pen are also used to prepare the yantra on bhojpatra. This holi we are preparing this kavach / amulet which can give you success against any opposition. It should be worn in gold or yellow piece of cloth, which will automatically subdue the opposition. It also remove any type of psychic attack and black magic. Special japa , yagna perform to give power to kavach in very special and auspicious time . The pendant kavach shape and size may be differ from the picture as per availibility

Price: $121.00


This lucky charm of varah tenth incarnation of lord vishnu is so powerful that it have no words , It is also called , miraculous saver of all dangers in human life .this lucky charm possess super natural power According to the hindu mythology Lord Vishnu once take the form of varaha for to save the earth . So it also possess the power of lord Vishnu . It give total protection from , miseries , sudden accidents , evil or negative energies like ghost , paranormal entities bad spirit etc , It protect you from mooth ( spiritual armor send by spiritualist to harm someone) Also save you from all types of armours. It is very powerful vashikaran tool to attract all person whom you are connected with or whom you want to be in your control . Very useful in expansion of business and to remove all sort of bandhan prayog ( black magic for to stop business ) and give you money .Remove voodoo magic effect and protect you from it.Make you winner in horse race , lottery or any speculation business Also very much useful in to win court cases or to solve legal matters . If you are facing obstacles in promotion , it will give you promotion and boss will start favouring you ,It enhance and open new doors of income.and cure bad health due to any black magic .also help in increase sell .just wear it around your neck or keep it in pocket it work automatically . It come in a pendant form .

Price: $560.00