One Face ( Ek Mukhi)- This Face is ruled by Sun(Surya).Astrologically it is held to cure diseases such as right eye defect, headeache, heart disease, bone fracture, skin disease, bowel problem, fever, appendictis, stomatitis,dyspesia, lung disease etc. caused by the maletic effects of Sun.
 1mukhi Mantra-  "Om Hreem Namah", "OM Namah Shivaya"

 Properties- One mukhi rudraksha is regarded the most auspicious rudraksha blessed by lord shiva.It enlightens superconciousness, wearer gains all happiness,spirituality and mental structure changes and he begins to feel renunciation from the worldly affairs ,improved concentration on the mind object and revives from the problems arising from loss of wealth, prosperity or richness, luck.Wearere get both, bhoga and moksha.Peace and pleasure abide in the house where one mukhi rudraksha is worshipped.One mukhi rudraksha is found in two shapes round and half moon shape.Round Rudraksha is highly devoted and praised in our ancient scripts but it is very rare and nearly a myth.

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