Processed with powerful and elaborate rituals of the Al-Hikmah tradition as handed-down by muslim saints, this magickal empowered pearl (mother-of-pearl) is a dream come true for shamans, metaphysical practitioners, occultists, and ceremonial magicians. After the 15--30 day initiation-ritual (requires approximately an hour's work per night), the powers and virtues of this pearl may be activated (through chanting-rituals) and applied immediately--the chants are short and simple, and not difficult to do. Instructions are given for muslims and non-muslims! Virtues and powers of this item include acquiring a troop of khodams (spirit-servants) that may be commanded; the power to befriend jinns from all parts of the world; a high degree of clairvoyance; astral projection--transcend time and space; attract wealth and riches; "Ajian Rowo Rontek"--wounds and broken bones heal quickly and miraculously; invulnerability to fire-arms and protection against electrocution; love-fascination; power-hypnotism and telepathic mind-control; walk on water/speed-running; power-purification of bad-luck, curses, negative energies, etc.; Skin-beauty maintenance and healing; prosperity, career-advancement, success in endeavors, etc. This item provides you with the power to transfer magickal virtues to others!

Price: $560.00